Angel Cards

How do Angel Cards fit into kinesiology sessions?

Angel Cards may be indicated at any time during a balance, but they mostly come up as ‘support’, towards the end of the kinesiology balance or reiki session.

When we ask whether there is any support that will strengthen the work we have already done in the session, the body and soul can pick anything from my ‘tool box’.

This could be one of my cards decks, a Circle card (these are geometric shapes with accompanying words), an Archangel Essence with a short reading from a book, something to practice for homework, or even another correction.

Angel Cards

It could also be more information, like a word or an emotion, from one of my scan lists, or a message that is given (from your higher self) from me for you.

How do we pick the right card for you?

The relevant card pack is choosen via a simple kinesiology muscle test. A specific card is then in picked the same way. This allows your higher self to pick your card and share some information and enlightenment with you. Rather then me telling you what the card is about, I will ask you what it means to you. The cards can help you gain insight, understanding and clarity.

Angel readings are a great source of information in my Remote Energy Healing sessions. In fact any relevant information can come up from my card decks, scan lists or any of the health and healng books I have on my shelves. With your permission, I can also connect to your higher wisdom for information and share any messages that may be given.

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Angel cards are a way for your soul to communicate with you. They are often very reasuring. All the cards and information I have are very positive – you will never pick a ‘bad’ one.

With Kinesiology, it is you who is choosing the information you need to read, which is why it is always so spot on!

Angel Cards and inspiration on-line

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