Are your anxieties getting worse?

I found the first few weeks of the covid19 pandemic particularly stressful, especially shopping trips. I am sure I am not alone.

It is all down to fear and anxiety. I can’t help but wonder whether more people will develop OCD and other anxiety related disorders during this time. Real fears coupled with uncertainly, can cause extreme anxiety and lead to anxiety attacks or anxiety disorders.

If we are creating new habits that are associated not just with common sense but fear, this association can trigger ritualistic behaviours, as we try to make ourselves feel safe (such as over hand washing, for example - an OCD trait).

Sensitive people who are prone to anxiety and worry will no doubt be feeling their feelings amplified at this time.

I feel fortunate to have a toolbox of techniques, some of which specifically help with stress and anxiety (my old friends), so thankfully I was able to support myself in bringing my stress levels down, as well as booking in to see a colleague to get some extra support. The self work is constant in this profession!

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping) is particularly useful for changing the way we feel. The great thing about it is that the worse you feel when you use it, the more instantaneous the relief is! It changes old neurological pathways in the brain. We can then work with creating new, positive ways of perceiving things and feel a whole lot better.

I often recommend EFT to clients to use in-between sessions. A particular fear or emotional response may not be fully present in the session. The client can easily use it themselves when fear or anxiety pop up, reducing stress and re-programming themselves to cope better next time.

A kinesiology technique called Emotional Stress Release is also easy and effective and can be used at home. I use this at least once a week. It frequently comes up for clients.

There are many ways we can keep anxiety levels down. We can be armed with things that help us ‘on the spot’ and also practice ways to maintain calm and good feelings most of the time.

Ways to prevent anxiety from hanging around as a permanent guest

  1. Remind yourself t is just anxiety you are feeling and the body’s stress response. Do not try to attach it to things.
  2. Work ‘on the spot’ to get relief, whenever possible.
  3. Have a list of things which help your calm down and lower your stress and anxiety levels. You can then choose the one you are drawn to in time of need.
  4. Talk to someone you trust – a problem shared...
  5. Seek help from a healthcare professional if it is all getting too much.

From my own experience and with hindsight, I recommend nipping anxiety in the bud before it gets worse.

I would love to hear from you. If you would like to chat about how we can keep your anxiety levels down, then let’s get a date in the diary!

Benefits of on-line sessions

  • I can find all of the information, just the same as in person to person sessions, by working in surrogate for you, connecting to your energy and self testing. I've got even more information to work with at home. We can work on any massage points together, to balance the energy and muscles.
  • Healing can be received instantly through time and space, no matter where you are.
  • Sessions are easy on mobile or laptop (which includes a type pad for privacy).
  • You can recline and relax duration the session (it's not all face to face).
  • You don't have to travel and can relax afterwards.
  • Not only can you still work on your personal goals but can find the best ways of coping with life as it is at this crazy time, releasing anxiety and past stress of the last few weeks.
  • People are reporting feeling more relaxed and able to manage calmly with challenges, after being re-balanced.

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Tabitha x

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