Anxiety Free Challenge

Have you been feeling anxious lately? Would you like to learn how to manage anxiety better?
I'm going Live in the group on Monday 28th November ~ over 3 days I will be talking all about anxiety.
Stress Release
~ Symptoms of anxiety
~ How anxiety can affect our lives (and a bit about my personal story)
~ How you can release and manage anxiety
Anxiety is one of many emotions - we don't have to live with it full time, even if our mind and body has learned to do anxiety very well!
There are ways to break the cycle of anxiety if it has become chronic, as well as managing stress as we go through life, so it doesn't build up into anxiety.

EFT Tapping for Anxiety

Want to know more?
I would love for you to join me on Monday here in the group below ⬇️
I will be Live in the group at 10am each day and there are replays if you cannot make that time.

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