Are you listening to your intuition?

Are you listening to your intuition?

Intuition – we all have it. Are you listening to yours?

How often do we have a hunch about something or someone, only to let our mind talk us out of it?

Allowing our intuition to lead the way can feel scary at first, as if we are no longer in control and our mind will continue to question it. However, once we get comfortable with checking in with our intuition (or ‘higher self’), we will find it a valuable, if not vital, tool for living.

Following our intuition can help us to:

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Be who we really are – our authentic self

Make happier and healthier choices

Be in the right places at the right time

Conserve more energy

Feel lighter and more connected to life

Be self aware and more aware of our preferences

Live a life we love

Can you think of a time when you followed your intuition and it helped you?

Tuning In

Meditation & jounaling for sensitives, empaths and creatives

We don’t only have to rely on intuition rising up in the moment to rescue us. We can actively ‘tune in’ and listen to it.

Sit quietly and focus on your breath for 5 to 10 minutes and you will find that your mind will calm down. In the stillness you may then ‘hear’ that inner voice in the form of words, images or feelings.

Keeping a journal or notepad with you is useful to note down any information that arises. Sometimes we don’t understand the message until a few hours of days later – so it’s good to have notes to return to which may help us shed light on something at a later date.

Following our true desires, our own truths can feel daunting or even nonsensical at first, as our minds want full control. But giving a voice to our higher selves can be a way of honouring ourselves and can have immediate rewards.

Looking after our own needs in this way means we can become more present and supportive of those around us. It is never selfish to look after yourself. It means we can give the best of ourselves to our loved ones, at work and socially and still have something in reserve.

Integrated Healing is a great tool for connecting to and learning to use our intuition. It helps us stay balanced in the face of change and life’s challenges.