How to be Free of Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural human emotion, but sometimes it can get out of balance and take over, restricting us like a cloud hanging over our lives.

Have you considered that you can be free of anxiety?

Anxiety Free

A build up of stress and the emotions held from stressful events can be released.

Anxiety is a learnt response and can be undone.Whether we are feeling nervous, generally anxious, having panic attacks or have a fear of a particular situation or thing, we at some point learned to respond this way.


Maybe something very stressful happened, which was a shock. Maybe we managed in stressful circumstances for a long while until it got too much and we started having feelings of panic. Perhaps we have current worries about our own short-falls and low self esteem is undermining us, making us want to run and hide or at least not be seen.

If we constantly worry and imagine things going badly, our anxiety is going to grow.

If anxiety has been present in our lives for some time, we will have learn it really well so that it has become a default setting. We may be strongly identified with it – that this is who we are now. ‘I am an anxious person’. ‘Its my anxiety.’

However, there is always a chance to do things differently. To run a different default setting. It may take practice and some time to change the pattern, but it is possible. I have witnessed clients making these changes, as well as making them myself.

Integrated Healing sessions can support us to be free of anxiety by

Releasing past trauma and present stress

Addressing the root cause of our anxiety

Changing unhelpful thought patterns and beliefs

Helping us see how we can better help ourselves

Making life style changes and improvements

Balancing our energy to feel better

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