Be Your Authentic Self

Are you being your authentic self?

How at ease are you with yourself? Can you be yourself with others, let them see who you really are? Or are you wasting energy, trying to please others and be a version of yourself they will approve of? Do you try and fit it with others and loose yourself in the process?

Here are 4 things you can practice to relax and be yourself ~

Relax Your Body

Are you holding tension when in the company of others? Take a deep relaxed breath all the way into you belly and see if you can let that area of your body soften. When the body relaxes, it reassures the mind and emotions that all is well. This is the mind-body connection at work.

Silence the Critical Voice

Notice the words and thoughts you have about yourself. Are they supportive and encouraging? If not, how can you turn them around to lift you up? Be your own best friend, because you are going to spend every minute of the rest of your days with yourself.

Pssst! ...I have a great technique called 'Silence the Critical Voice' which I have taught many of my  clients

Let Go of Self Judgement

What other people may or may not be thinking about you won't matter, if you think well of yourself. We are our own worst critics! We cannot know how someone else if perceiving us, so why bother to speculate? Let go of self judgement and that of others, to feel less judged yourself.

Give Yourself Time & Be Present

Stay present and allow yourself to be received, seen and heard, no matter what. Remember you can pause before you respond - we don't need to talk to fill space. Chances are we are surrounded with good, friendly people who want the best for us. This is still true when we are out amongst strangers. Our besties where strangers before we met them!

Nurture a few of these new habits and feel your authentic self blossom

You are the unique person you were born to be. It is your birth-rite to be yourself. No point in trying to be anything or anyone else.

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