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Back in 2019, when I was practicing Integrated Healing, Life Coaching and Kinesiology from my room in Bristol, I would also see the occasional client on-line.

I had actually thought about how great it would be to work fully on-line.

This was not just because of the practical things, like having no over-heads... I noticed that it worked really well. I found I could tune in better to the persons energy and that the results were just as good.

Much of my Integrated Healing / Kinesiology sessions involve an in-depth consultation, getting clear about moving forward and working towards that together.

The energy work 'tweaks' are easily done together with clients on-line and Reiki healing can be sent remotely - it works just the same.

So, during the pandemic my practice went on-line.


My therapy room sat empty during the pandemic.

Most of my regular clients stayed with me, although I lost new bookings as it was hard for those people who hadn't seen me in person to understand how the devil it would work on Zoom.

They just didn't get it - and I don't blame them!

It was a tricky time.

Fast forward to 2022 and I have decided to stay fully on-line. I am still dedicated to supporting my Bristol clients with Kinesiology and Intuitive Life Coaching.

However, this means that I can serve more people across the UK and have taken on a few USA clients, too.

Here is some client feedback about on-line sessions - don't take it from me that it works so well!

"I have seen Tabitha for a series of Integrated Healing sessions over the last 8 months. I initially made contact as I felt anxious, overwhelmed, lacking in energy and like I had lost my spark.

All my sessions have been over Zoom which worked really well and I liked being able to be in familiar surroundings at home.

Tabitha used many healing techniques in conjunction with intuitive guidance during my sessions. She is calm and gentle in her approach and her empathy is shown in her support, advice and guidance given.

Across my sessions I have gained a tool bag of techniques to use going forward, to manage how I feel.

After each session I experienced subtle and gentle changes that had have made a big difference.

I have made so much progress compared to the person I was in my first session and I have also learnt so much - both about new techniques I can use and about myself.

I would highly recommend Tabitha."


"The sessions included a variety of healing modalities, such as energy balances, chakra work, Reiki and talking. In them, I felt very deep releases and was able to meet parts of myself that have been buried for years.

I was surprised at the efficacy of the healing online- it really did work wonders.

Tabitha would offer suggestions for new resources to bring into my every day life at the end of the sessions." R.O

If you are considering sessions with me but have questions, lets arrange an initial chat. I would love to hear from you.

Tabitha x

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