Clear Your Energy & Feel Better

Why is it important to clear your energy?

As an Integrated Healer and Reiki Master I have been working with clients, as well as clearing my own energy, for a number of years and have discovered the following

The kinds of stuck energy people can be carrying

The ways in which these energies can be holding us back

How to safely clear old energy / free up blocks / release invasive energies

If you are a sensitive person , empath or work therapeutically with others, it is especially important to clear your energy on a regular basis, as you will be more likely to not only sense, but absorb energies around you like a sponge.

This can result in confusion about whether what you are sensing is your own or not, as both can be felt within your energy field. Yes, this means that others peoples energy can be mistaken for you own!

Holding onto energy that other people have released in your energy field causes tiredness and can leave you feeling quite odd! Old energies are released during talking and bodywork therapies, not just with Reiki and energy work.

What is stuck energy?

Energetic blocks can hold us back. Some examples are

Old energy stuck in the Chakras

Blocked energy in one or more of the meridians (energy pathways)

Negative energy caught in the auric field

Negative energetic cordings to old relationships, even places

Vows we made to other people (good or bad) or to ourselves. For example ‘I’ll never fall in love again’!

Emotional stress held in the body from a traumatic experience

Soul fragmentation – this is where fragments of our soul split away from as during a stressful event. Fortunately we can encourage these lost parts of our soul to return to us with Soul Integration. We feel much more like ourselves again!

Charka balancing online

Think of stuck energy as an obstruction in a plumbing system, that is slowing down the water flow. It is the same with energy flow.

Life force energy (also called or chi or prana) flows around the body and energy systems freely when we are happy, healthy and in our optimum state of being. Of course no one is perfect! This is in constant flux.

What does blocked energy feel like?

If your energy is blocked, stuck or being compromised in an energetic way you may

Have low energy and be feeling tired or fatigued for no good reason

Feel drained by certain people or in particular places

Experience emotions that do not relate to your own thoughts or feelings.

Be procrastinating from moving forward in a positive way. For example with a new job or relationship. This can be tied in with holding negative beliefs, which we may have acquired from other people, or at a time when we didn’t know any better, in childhood.

Integrated Healing addresses the energy systems, detecting where there is blocked or stuck energy. Gentle techniques such as Reiki stimulate our self healing abilities to clear and transform our energy.

As part of the process we can learn new ways of being or managing the situation we find ourselves in, to bring balance to ourselves and our lives.

Spiritual Healing

Energy Healing to transform old energies

Clear your energy and move forward with your life

When we are no longer tied to the past or carrying energy that is not our own, we have a better chance of moving forward with our lives.  Following an energy clearing, we may experience feeling





Free of uncomfortable emotions

More like ourselves again

Able to move forward freely with life changes / projects / relationships etc

This is a significant time. Many of us from all walks of life are getting the nudge to self heal. We are no longer comfortable with the old energy, the old ways. As the Earths frequency changes, we too must adapt. I believe that clearing our energy is not only serving us in our own lives, but is raising the vibration of the planet and all beings living upon her. Exciting times!

Do you wish to clear your energy? Get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you! A minimum of three sessions is recommended, so that you can process energy shifts gently, within a gradual process.