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My sessions are solution focused and the energy work element gets to the root cause of issues fast.

Change doesn’t have to be hard or long-winded - it can be enjoyable and enlightening!

Getting Started

  • I work with people on-line (via Zoom) in Bristol and across the UK . Morning appointments are bookable for those in the USA.
  • You can book a single appointment or choose a package below.

Staying Balanced

  • There is the option to book follow-up appointments, once your initial issues are addressed on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Some clients choose to stay on for monthly consultations. Regular sessions are beneficial for well-being, personal development and staying balanced through life's challenges.

What is included in your Integrated Healing Appointments?

There is a pre-consultation questionnaire to give me an overview of your personal history and life-style. This is a chance for you to share which areas you would like support with.

In your consultation, we get a clear understanding of what you require from sessions, both short and long term.

The consultations are solution focused. You will receive a combination of mindset techniques, energy work and healing, as I am able to connect with you and self-test on your behalf.

At the close of each appointment, I send you a summary of personal recommendations (simple techniques, small life style changes) along with cards or information that came up for you.

online Kinesiology sessions

Integrated Healing Appointments

Integrated Healing Appointment. Includes in depth case history, consultation and energy work (1.5 hours). Aftercare, personal recommendations and screenshots are emailed to you. £120.

6 Week Package £520. Make positive changes and feel more like yourself, with tools and techniques to carry you forward. 4 Zoom Sessions (up to 75 minutes) consultation and energy work. Aftercare, personal recommendations and screenshots are emailed to you. I will send an email each week in between appointments for accountability and to answer any questions.

12 Week Package £720. Deep dive into transformational life changes. 6 Zoom Sessions (up to 75 minutes) consultation & energy work. Aftercare, personal recommendations and screenshots are emailed to you. I will send an email each week in between appointments. for accountability and to answer your questions.

* Payment plans available.

Would you like to book a complimentary phone or Zoom call to have a chat with me to decide whether it's the right thing for you?  There is a contact form below.

Empowerment Hours

An Empowerment Hour ~ my advice on a given subject with at least one technique you can use yourself to stay balanced, tailored to your personal requirements.

How to centre your energy for calm, confidence and good energy.

Grounding and Earthing for vitality and feeling safe and stable in your body

Energetic & psychic protection.

Stress release technique, to clear every day mental and emotional baggage from building up.

Creating inner and outer confidence. A powerful technique to rehearse who you want to become, to be the best you!

Inner calm. Breathing / mindfullness/ presence techniques to train the mind monkeys to be peaceful.

Empowerment Hour £95. or two for £160.  Not sure which one? Drop me a line in the contact form below.

FREE ~ Fortnightly guided meditation in my private group. Request to join us here: Circle of Light.

Integrated Healing Appointments

Any questions?

Contact me to book a complimentary phone or Zoom call.

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Empowerment, clarity, confidence and self-compassion!

I came to Tabitha with a host of issues which were blocking me from having a more peaceful, creative, joyful daily life..

I was surprised at the efficacy of the healing online- it really did work wonders.

After my 4 sessions, I felt so much for in touch with my body, my eating had regulated, my sense of groundedness and presence was stronger and I have a stronger commitment to my creative practice and life path.

I recommend Tabitha's gentle approach and have witnessed powerful changes within from only a handful of sessions!

R. O. Female, late twenties

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Integrated Healing Kinesiology is a complementary therapy. I do not diagnose or treat specific conditions.  Always consult with your GP in the first instance if you suspect you are unwell. The information contained in this website and blog is for general information purposes only. No content or photographs to be taken from this website without prior consent. Thank you.