Enjoy Calm & Simple Living

  • All courses are LIVE and online and in the evenings, so you can join us in the UK or USA.
  • Small, supportive groups.
  • Courses are 4 weeks long.
  • They include a class of 2 hours on the Monday and a 1 hour check-in and Q & A on the Friday evening for accountability and connection.

Simplify Your Life & Relax

Find life balance through somatic exercises, creative visualisation and journaling. Plan small changes that will make a big difference to the way you feel.

De-clutter & Space Clear

De-clutter an area of your home and re-energise the space, so that you can enjoy it. Click here for details.

Create Sacred Space at Home

Clear and re-organise a small area of your home to become a sanctuary in which to relax, meditate / craft / read or whatever nurtures you.

The Visible Empath

Coming in 2024

Click here for full details or contact me to enquire or book.

Free Online Group

Begin to make time for yourself.

Circle of Light Community – relax and connect to inner guidance.

Regular 20 minute relaxation, visualisation and intuition sessions with me, online.

Join here Click here.