Declutter and Space Clear an area of you home within this LIVE four week online course!

Is there an area of your home that you are not happy with? Have you been meaning to clear it but have not got around to it, yet?

Does it sit in the back of your mind, reminding you to do something about it, but you feel blocked in tackling it?

Do you feel uncomfortable around this area?

Would you like to change it now?

Join me for this fun, informative course where you will learn how to clear your space in a way that works for you, with the support of a small group of women, all decluttering together.

  • We will each choose one area of our home to declutter.
  • Make decluttering manageable and enjoyable.
  • Gain satisfaction from creating a lovely space that serves you and no longer drains you.
  • Learn to clear old energy away and bless a space, so that it feels light and welcoming again.
  • Be part of a small group, supporting each other along the way.

Note: The course time is for learning together. You will need to make a little time (not loads!) during each week to clutter clear in your own time.

Where and when?

The next course commences on Wednesday 7th February 2024. 7pm.

This course will take place on Wednesday and Sunday evenings, online.

Wednesdays we will be learning and sharing and Sunday will be for progress check-in and Q & A's. Both are Live on Zoom with me and a small supportive group (sessions are up to 90 minutes).

There will be a WhatsApp group to check in with me and the other members, if you have questions or need support while you are clearing.

Week One - Realistic goals. Ways to clutter clear and move past our own blocks.

Week Two - Making clutter clearing manageable and enjoyable.

Week Three -  Re-organisation (plus whatever the group needs at this stage).

Week Four - How to clear, re-energise and bless the space. Keeping on top of decluttering.

Both teaching sessions and the Sunday Q & A will be recorded on Zoom, so you can catch up, should you miss any. If you can't make one of the Q & A's, you can still send me a question to answer and watch the recording later.

Why now?

  1. Spring is a perfect time to let go of what is no longer serving you and make space for the new.
  2. Make a start now and enjoy the place you have decluttered in Summer.
  3. After the course you will know how to clutter clear and will be able to change other areas of your home, too.
  4. How will it feel if you leave the clutter there for another 3-6 months or a year? Nooooo!

Join us and lets do this together x


4 Week course £170 | Early Bird £145 (please contact me to book and I will send payment options).

Only 6 spaces.

I absolutely LOVE clutter clearing, re-organising and enhancing the energy of spaces! I have been doing it for years, in the different homes I have lived in.

Clutter or space clearing often comes up in my client sessions, too, as something that they need to do to become unstuck and reach their personal goals. Clutter effects our energy and has been linked to anxiety and depression.

I believe that taking care of our homes, the spaces we live in, has many benefits from day to day comfort and peace of mind to making space to bring new energy, people and opportunities into our lives.

Contact me here for more details, a chat or to book.

Tabitha x


Home Organisation


By booking onto this course you understand that you are responsible for progress with tidying, in your own time.

You also understand that you are responsible for your health and safely at home and any breakages or injury that may occur.

Refund policy: No refunds unless I have to cancel the course. In extreme circumstances that you cannot attend, you may be able to transfer onto the next course, at my discretion.