Declutter Your Life

Clear the clutter out of your life

Space or clutter clearing often comes up for my clients in Integrated Healing sessions, so it seems to me that the energy in our homes contributes considerably towards our well-being; allowing us good energy when it is working well for us, and our energy being depleted when it is not so great.

Here are some case study examples of space or clutter clearing coming up in my client sessions

Related to: Tiredness and feeling of gloom. Negative energy in the house, created by the clients’ thoughts of resentment about a house issue.  

Solution: Clearing old energies by lighting a candle, apologising and offering thanks and love to the house instead.

Related to: Back pain in bed at night and waking exhausted in the morning, which came ‘out of the blue’. We found this was due to a huge bag of crystals that had been brought into the house, and left next to the bed where my client had been sleeping.

Solution: Remove crystal from the bedroom, cleanse them, and place them around the house in appropriate places.

Related to: Feeling generally ‘out of sorts’ with living arrangements.

Solution: Clutter clearing a persons possessions (who had long passed away) out of the house, with the intention of loving and remembering them without the old belongings being in inappropriate area of the house, gathering dust.

When the body presents stuck old energy to be released in an Integrated Healing session, it follows that the client then clear the old energy from their home, so they are no longer affected by it and can maintain the good energy levels achieved in their session, once home again.

Decluttering and reorganising your home

  1. Declutter objects, and old things. Ask yourself - is it functional, sentimentally still valid, being used, worn, or appreciated? (With clothing, I ask myself, ‘have I worn it in the last 18 months’?) If not, charity box or recycle / bin it.
  2. Clean the area.
  3. Space Clear the area (or get someone with experience of this in to help you)
  4. Organise Do you need more storage items of furniture, or can you use/ rearrange places that have now become clearer? Put things in logical places. It the area functional and aesthetically pleasing to you?
  5. Intuitive placement – feel out the best places to put your belongings.

Clutter clearing can extend to other areas in your life

Deal with the physical areas around you first, such as house, car etc, before working on more energetic changes.

This will act as a good foundation, making it easier to let go of any emotional / mental / spiritual issues you may then want to release.

Out with the old and in with the new

I love a good clear out! I believe getting rid of what you don’t want makes room for what you DO want to materialise.

My services can support you with making these positive changes

  • Clutter Clearing
  • Home organisation
  • Creating sacred space
  • Simple living

I can work with you remotely, to help you clear clutter and re-organise the space.

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