How does distance Reiki work?

Reiki healing can be sent remotely. This is called distance or remote healing. No matter where you are, time and space do not exist where energy is concerned and can be received in an instant.

This is also how 1:1 Reiki sessions and group healing works on-line.

Your distance Reiki session

  • We arrange a time for me to send you healing, so that you can relax and receive it.
  • I send Reiki healing and write down my findings. This may be words that come through or colours or visual impressions, for example.
  • I send you an email report of the above.
Remote Healing Online

I am surrounded and supported by high vibration earth and healing energies around my floating home, when working with clients, which I believe enhances the energy work.  Contact me for more information or to book.

Distance Reiki Healing with email report £35

Reiki practitioners do not diagnose or treat disease or conditions. Please contact your GP if you are unwell.  Reiki does however work well alongside any medical treatment you may be having.