Release Emotional Pain

Managing Emotional Pain

As Winter approaches and Summer ends, the nights draw in, trees drop their leaves and there is a chill in the air. Some days there is a sense of stillness as if the earth has fallen silent and is whispering, what next? Symbolically, this is a time year can be about endings.

It is a time for many plants to die, their fading blooms and fruit returning to the earth to become fertile soil. In traditional Chinese Medicine the element of Metal represents this time. The energy is of drawing inward, retreating inside, gathering together what is needed over the winter months and eliminating what is now unnecessary. The associated organ is the Lung.

Is there something personal to you that would be good for you to let go of this month?

Is there sadness or loss?

Perhaps you feel nudged to make changes?

Maybe you are having to say goodbye to something or someone when you didn’t want to?

Simple Ways of Coping

Here are a few things that may be helpful to you, if you are experiencing some form of emotional pain, circumstance of difficult emotions such a anxiety, sadness, hurt or anger.

Breath calmly. Breathing properly can calm us down in this very moment.

Don’t fight your feelings. Try to accept how you feel however difficult it is and see if you can give plenty of space to the feeling. It takes a lot of energy to suppress our emotions.

Be kind to yourself. Build yourself up, don’t beat yourself up for feeling this way. It will only make you feel worse and no good can come of it.

Focus on happy times you have had in your life – even this can be painful depending on the situation but it is also very healing.

Make time for yourself to be quiet and to relax. This may allow for feelings to rise to the surface to be released, which is not a bad thing.

Keep in good contact with people close to you, people you can be yourself with.

Know that all emotions change and pass.

Love yourself, no matter what. be kind and gentle towards yourself.

If you are at rock-bottom the only way is up!

Support with Emotional Pain

Experiences like loosing someone close, going through a break-up or a period of stress can take a toll on our well-being, leaving us fatigued and emotional. We can feel as if we want to move on, but there are too many blocks in the way to do it on our own.

Unresolved feelings can become stuck and we need a helping hand towards being re-energised and feeling more like ourselves again. Emotions left un-checked can result in longer term feelings such as resentment or depression that can continue to hamper our lives so that we never fully move on.

Did you know that Kinesiology & Reiki are transformational tools that can help me support you through emotional pain and major life changes?

Immediate effects of feeling more relaxed and calm

A safe space to gently release difficult emotions from mind, body and energy field

No need to talk over the past in detail, or re-live anything

Focus on how you want to feel from this moment forward

Goal focused, positive sessions for self awareness and empowerment

Find the best solutions for you or how best to manage

I felt emotionally stronger and calmer to deal with situations – more focused and prepared when faced with difficult situations. Tabitha has a very friendly and gentle approach, I’m very comfortable in her presence. CS, Bristol

Thank you for reading this blog – I hope it has been useful to you. I offer fully confidential 1:1 Kinesiology & Reiki sessions in Bristol. Feel free to contact me for an initial chat, without obligation.

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