Energetic Protection ~ 3 Day Workshop

Three Day Workshop on Energetic Protection

Wednesday 5th ~ 7th April
7pm each evening

Join us to find out why, as sensitives, we need to protect our energy, keep our energy pristine and learn different ways to do just that!

A spiritual awakening in my mid-twenties taught me the importance of energetic protection the hard way!

I have been helping sensitives to clear their energy for over 17 years now, and have found that many emotional issues have an energetic component, which needs to be balanced or released, in order for us to feel better and move forward.

Safe energetic practices for sensitives and empaths. Some of the aspects covered will be

  • Forms of energetic protection
  • Other peoples energy and environments
  • Calling on the strengths of other energies
  • Invasive energies, both spiritual and man-made
  • Safe meditation and spiritual connection
  • Your magical power and free will
  • Keeping your energy clear, going forward
  • Sacred Space

This workshop will be in my group, Circle of Light. If you are not already a member, request to join. It's free to join and so it the workshop.

Benefits or being protected are

  • Feeling centred and safe in your body
  • Less anxiety and overwhelm
  • Not carrying others moods
  • Safe spiritual practices, such as meditation

This will be an interactive workshop, so please bring any questions or scenarios you struggle with and I will be happy to give you some pointers.

There will be enlightening exercises to practice and questions to journal on. I always think learning works best when it is experiential.

Are you ready to work your magic and feel energetically safe and strong?

I'm really excited for this one - so much to talk about! xx


Join Circle of Light or the Event here.

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