Why Energy Management is Essential to Feel Balanced

Kinesiology Healing in Bath

Why is energy management essential to feel balanced?

I believe energy awareness and management is fundamental for sensitives, to stay balanced.

  • Do you find yourself knocked off balance by other people?
  • Does your energy crash after spending time with certain people, situations or environments?
  • Do you have to rest a lot to recuperate after socialising or being in busy places?
  • Do people come to you to tell you their problems?
  • Do you work one to one with clients and feel drained afterwards?
  • Have these things left you feeling tired or affected your confidence?

The techniques I share in my sessions will ensure you stay in your own good energy and are aware of what is yours and what is not.

Being balanced and energy aware you will...

  1. Be able to discern what is your own thought and feelings and what is not
  2. Stay in your own good energy, no matter where you are or who you are with
  3. Will have more abundant energy levels
  4. Be far less likely to attract situations or people with lower vibes in the first place!

Work with me and we can focus on learning these skills! You will learn...

  1. A powerful technique which centres your energy in your body, for protection, confidence and better energy
  2. Ways of Grounding your energy
  3. How to discern whether your feeling are your own or someone else’s
  4. What your personal boundaries are and how to manage them well
  5. How to gently release stress, overwhelm or your own emotional pain
  6. How to release any invasive energy, that is not yours, quickly and easily
  7. A technique for boosting your energy field, on the spot, whenever needed

Are you ready to enhance your energy and well-being, to go forward with calm and confidence?



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