Give Yourself Permission to Rest

Can you give yourself permission to rest?

Our bodies are able to deal well with stress on a short term basis but we all need rest and rejuvenation.

It is especially important as sensitive people with nervous systems that are highly strung, thoughts and feelings that run deep.

If we are not used to relaxing it can be hard to switch off into relaxation mode, our mind still busy with things we need to do, prompting us to get back up again and take action.

This is a sign of stress. It could be short term, for example after working hard on a particular project . However, for many of us being busy too much of the time can be a way of life as we have gradually taken on more and more work or responsibilities.

I remember very well working in various administration roles, whilst I was training in kinesiology, how office culture everywhere was to show how hard you worked (mostly by complaining!). Being stressed out and under pressure was a badge of honor, the pressure of meeting deadlines and having too much work load to ever feel on top of. Working through lunch was common place and it was silently frowned on if you took break times you were entitled to!

Many of us have learned to multi task, to go at a pace which keeps us in fight or flight mode. Our minds learn well and keep his up even when we try to relax.

  • Give yourself permission to rest on a daily basis.
  • Make time in your diary to rest -  book it in.
  • Practice relaxation methods that suit you. Ask yourself, what do I need? More quiet time, reading time, meditation time or something else?
  • Are there life style changes you can make? Small tweaks can make a big difference to how we feel.
  • Take bigger breaks ore often. Do you need a day off, a week or even a month? How can you make that happen?
  • Let go of guilt. It is a useless emotion.
  • Let go of fear. What's the worst that would happen if you let go and take time to relax?

When we fly, the flight attendant will show us how to use the oxygen mask in case of an emergency. Remember how they always say, ' take down the mask and put it on yourself first'?

We cannot be there for others until we take care of ourselves. We must meet our own needs first.

We must be our own authority over our well-being. We are the only ones who can ultimately give ourselves permission to rest and for how long.

It is 31 degrees in London today. This afternoon was too hot to work. I was struggling to think straight and was feeling lethargic (It is 30 degrees on my house boat).

I stopped fighting to carry on with my work and gave in to a nap. This turned out to be productive as I felt alert and inspired to write this blog afterwards!

Listen to your body, our emotions, your mind. Do what it asks of you and stay in your own good energy, within a better, more balanced life.

In these crazy times, one thing we can control is taking time for ourselves to nurture our inner world.

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Permission to Rest

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