Why Goal Setting Works

Working with goals

Why set goals?

What’s the difference between something being a dream or making it a reality?

A date.

A date is a realistic deadline to work towards so that you can measure your achievements.

Goal Setting in Kinesiology sessions

Goal setting is a really important part of the kinesiology session. Making sure we are getting to the root of what it is you need.

The goal statement we create will be in present time (as if you already have it) and will contain positive wording.

For example, if someone is coming to see me due to bad headaches and a busy schedule, their statement for the sessions might be ‘my head is comfortable and I manage my time well.’

We will then work towards this goal, using muscle monitoring feedback to detect the corrections and information you need to get you there.

At the end of sessions the goal will test strong, so we will know that your whole self is now working towards it.

How does goal setting help?

Creates focus on what your needs are

Tells your body and energetic being what is you are aiming for

Allows you to work towards that at a safe pace

Helps us prioritise the corrections you need at each session

Supports you in staying positive and being present

Keeps your eye on the prize, rather than the problems you don’t want!

Look forward to a bright future

What are the long and short term goals in your professional and personal life?