Healthy Personal Boundaries

Do you have healthy personal boundaries?

Having healthy personal boundaries is especially important for sensitive people.  Issues around personal boundaries come up quite often in my 1:1 sessions.

Ask yourself these questions

Do you say yes to people when you would rather have said no?

Is all your time taken up meaning you have little time to yourself ?

Are you feeling over-worked?

Do you find that you are giving a lot without getting much back?

Are you trying to please people at work or in relationships?

Narrow Boats

Do you feel guilty about taking time off and relaxing?

Do you sometimes feel that people walk all over you?

Would you like more respect or kindness from others?

Are you doing things for other people all the time?

If so, you could definitely do with putting more personal boundaries in place.

Setting Personal Boundaries

Take time to write down the things which are out of balance in your home /work life / relationship/s, for example.

Think up ways to better manage theses areas. Saying ‘no’ sometimes, better time management or being honest with yourself about what your limits are, for example.

Write 2/3 options next to each issue

Practise them in real life

You can make these changes as gradually as feels comfortable.

Happy boundary setting!

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