Home Healing

The energy of the place and the people we live with can have a positive or negative effect on us. Our homes should be restful spaces, where we can retreat and relax.

Is there a particular area of your home that doesn't feel right?

You may have tried to enhance the space by decorating, moving furniture around and changing the lighting but still there is something wrong, that you cannot put your finger on.

Particularly in the UK, properties can be hundreds of years old. Think of how many people have lived in your house and the life events that have happened there.

Properties can hold old energy within the building materials and you may be feeling those subtle energies in the rooms, feelings from the past that are not your own.

The good news is that these old energies can be cleared. Some of the subtle energies that can effect a place are.

  • Emotions of past tenants / life events
  • Natural phenomena such as earth energy lines, nature spirits
  • EMF's causing electro-magnetic stress
  • Spirits that have not moved on

Houses can be unhappy due to building problems, such as rising damp, too, but this is not the area I work in.

I am concerned with the unseen energy aspects of a place, correcting and healing them. My job is to lift and enhance the energy of a space.

How does Home Healing work?

I work remotely with a plan of your home. I find problem areas by Dowsing and correct them using various healing techniques.

The services I offer are all remote as I am able to work across the UK and further a field in this way

Would you like your place to feel welcoming, peaceful and comfortable?

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Tabitha x

Space Clearing & Healing

This beautiful cross stitch 'Reiki Rocks' was gifted to me by one of my clients. It didn't come out in the photograph, but it has tiny diamond pieces that catch the light, sewn into in the white area.