How do Kinesiology and Reiki Healing work online?

Integrated Healing is a modality which incorporates Kinesiology with a combination of Life Coaching, Healing and NLP, all of which work well online.

Working in surrogate with Kinesiology

Did you know, kinesiologists are trained to work 'in surrogate'?

This means that we can do a kinesiology balance for a person who is absent because they cannot get to clinic or who's muscles cannot be worked on, for example.

This can either be performed by the kinesiologist on a willing surrogate, or the kinesiologist can 'take the energy circuit' themselves, on behalf of the client.

I can work in surrogate for you, by taking the circuit myself and self testing on your behalf.

Reiki can be received remotely

It is similar to Reiki healing, which can be received remotely. Reiki practitioners learn this at 2nd Degree Reiki (I am a Reiki Master).

It does not matter how far away you are in miles - healing can be received instantly during our session.

"Quality and lasting re-balance over Zoom. Tabitha really helped me focus on what I needed to heal.

We had both of our meetings on Zoom, and I was amazed how well the energy translated although we weren't in the same room.

Tabitha was proficient with her ability to tune in to how I was feeling. She went about her work so efficiently, and could identify what chakras I needed to re-balance and how.

I will continue to use the tools she helpfully sent to me after the sessions whenever I need! " Julia

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What will your session involve?

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