Increase your performance with Kinesiology

Kinesiology uses corrections and exercises to help with left and right brain integration. The integrity of muscles can be balanced for better posture and ease of movement. Issues around (lack of) confidence and fear can also addressed.

Whatever you want to do or be, kinesiology can help you improve to be the best you can be

his means that dancers, sports people and indeed anyone wanting to improve posture and ease of movement can benefit from kinesiology balancing. Even speakers or singers.

I had a client who wanted to work on improving her performance in public speaking. There were a few things to address. She always felt nervous, sweaty and very off balance when she had to get up and talk in front of a group of people at work. As a result the whole experience left her exhausted.

As this had happened again and again, she had become very used to feeling this way when speaking, so we needed to release the stress that had built up around it.

Once the stress had been addressed, we replaced some negative thoughts and associations with speaking in public to positive ones. It was then necessary to get her really centred in her body and feeling confident when speaking, which we did with a couple of simple but powerful kinesiology techniques.

She had to speak regularly with her job, which was good because she got to practice and monitor progress made in our sessions.

She reported feeling much more grounded when she got up to talk to the group and this resulted in her being able to speak more clearly and to allow herself time to think on the spot. She also had more energy, as it was taking her less effort than previously.