Integrated Healing ~ Beyond Holistic

Whether you want to

Improve something physical

Release and manage stress

Feel better about issues relating to work, family, relationship, or life changes

Be clearer about what it is you want and move towards it on all levels – mind, body and spirit

Kinesiology could be the answer. Actually, the answers are inside of you

A Kinesiologist works by communicating directly with the body to find out which corrections are needed to enable energy to flow freely, and the body to function optimally. Communication with the body is applied using gentle muscle monitoring (applying light pressure to specific muscles to detect imbalances and stressors).  There is also communication between therapist and client as they work together to restore balance and well-being.

Beyond holistic – working holographically

Working holistically means working with the person as a whole. Taking into consideration their history, present story, their desires and lifestyle, as well as the areas of the body which are affected, and associated feelings and beliefs. It means looking at the whole picture and being fully inclusive.

Integrated Healing goes a step further than this – by working holographically. That is with all parts of the person or being, in all dimensions – physical and metaphysical. This guarantees that no parts of the being are left out of the balance.

I believe each of us has immense potential and wisdom waiting to be heard and to help us. We all have a built in guidance system (sometimes referred to as the Higher Self), that knows us well and has our best interests at heart.

When we allow the whole being to be present and involved in the healing process, knowledge that is perfect for us at that time arises naturally, and the person’s natural healing abilities can be fully engaged.

Charka balancing online

We are incredible

Remember the last time you cut yourself?  How long did it take for that wound to heal?  It is easy for us to take for granted that our bodies know how to help, automatically going about renewing and repairing our various bits and pieces.

Have faith in yourself and your body – your whole soul is working its very best for you at this very moment!

To witness clients making wonderful changes always leaves me feeling inspired. My clients teach me so much.