What is Integrated Healing?

Integrated Healing is a transformational modality that incorporates Life Coaching, NLP, Reiki Healing, Kinesiology techniques including gentle Stress Release and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

What is Intuitive Life Coaching?

Working creatively together, we can find solutions, whilst the healing aspect of my work aims to get to the root of the problem, removing blocks so you are free to move forward.

  • I work with my clients to make positive changes that are realistic and achievable.
  • You will learn techniques and life skills to support you in between sessions and beyond.
  • There is a spiritual aspect to my work which connects you to your higher wisdom and gain understanding from a soul level.
  • Clients report sessions as being enlightening and relaxing

Change doesn’t have to be hard or long-winded - the process can be enjoyable and enlightening!

My sessions focus on mindset, emotions and energy healing techniques to enable you to relax, be yourself and live your best life.

Getting Started

I work with people on-line (via Zoom) across the UK. Morning appointments are bookable for USA clients (afternoon / evening for me).

You can book a single appointment or choose a package below.

Staying Balanced

  • There is the option to book follow-up appointments, once your initial issues are addressed on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Regular sessions are beneficial for well-being, personal development and staying balanced through life's challenges and clients are welcome to continue with monthly sessions.
  • Sensitives and empaths in particular benefit from regular energy clearing and balancing.
  • Follow-ups are completely optional - some people find the 4 Session Transformation does the job!

What is included in your appointments?

  1. There is a pre-consultation questionnaire to give me an overview of your personal history and life-style. This is a chance for you to share which areas you would like support with.
  2. In your consultation, we get a clear understanding of what you require from sessions, both short and long term.
  3. The appointments are solution focused. At each session you will receive a combination of mindset techniques, energy work and healing, specific to your needs at that time, to achieve your personal goals.
  4. At the close of each appointment I will send you your goal statement, a summary of personal recommendations (simple techniques or life style tweaks, for example) along with photographs or cards /info that came up for you.
online Kinesiology & healing

Appointment Options

Initial Appointment £120. (1.5 hours) Includes in depth case history, consultation and a full session. Aftercare, personal recommendations and screenshots are sent to you.

Follow-ups £90. (up to 75 minutes). Aftercare, personal recommendations and screenshots are sent to you. These can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on personal requirements.

4 Weeks to Calm & Confidence £370. (save £20). Feel less anxious, more calm and confident, with tools and techniques to carry you forward in just one month! Weekly 1:1 sessions. This includes the in depth initial appointment of 1.5 hours. Aftercare, personal recommendations and screenshots are sent to you.

6 Month journey to come fully back to yourself £1400. 12 fortnightly 1:1 sessions. Personal recommendations are sent to you, plus I will email to check-in and answer your questions the week in between each session (payment plan available at no extra cost).

One-off Sessions for Calm & Confidence

Give a talk to a live audience such as a wedding speech or presentation, with calm and clarity.

Going Live on social media, for your small business.

Calm, confidence and focus for an interview.

Driving test / exams. Release stress and prepare, mentally and emotionally.

Anxiety around a specific person or situation. Feel strong and confident.

Social anxiety about a specific event to attend. Feel more relaxed and able to be yourself.

Something else? Get in touch to discuss, I would love to help if I can.

These sessions are up to two hours long and include an information sheet which outlines three powerful techniques which we will do together, and you can then use to strengthen this work and use on the spot, as needed.

Personal recommendations are sent to you after the session, too.


Group Coaching / Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing & Intuitive Coaching. I will channel Reiki and support you with what you bring on the day. A small group of women meeting on Zoom to become sensitive AND strong together, with what we find in our lives. Private online group to engage with each others and ask me questions, in-between sessions. Meetings are fortnightly. Bookable in blocks of three. £150.

Distance Reiki Healing with a Card & Intuitive Message. Emailed / messaged to you with photograph of the card. £45.

Contact me to book a complimentary phone or Zoom call, if you are not sure which is the right option for you.

A shop page is coming soon. In the meantime please contact me directly to book.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Tabitha x

" Empowerment, clarity, confidence and self-compassion!

I came to Tabitha with a host of issues which were blocking me from having a more peaceful, creative, joyful daily life..

I was surprised at the efficacy of the healing online- it really did work wonders.

After my 4 sessions, I felt so much for in touch with my body, my eating had regulated, my sense of groundedness and presence was stronger and I have a stronger commitment to my creative practice and life path.

I recommend Tabitha's gentle approach and have witnessed powerful changes within from only a handful of sessions. "

R.O. Artist & Performer

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