About Kinesiology Muscle Testing

Have you wondered how effective feedback from Kinesiology muscle testing is?

An experienced kinesiology practitioner will be able to use muscle testing to communicate with not just the body but the whole person, mind body and spirit. Not all of our bodys wisdom is available through the conscious mind, but it can be made available, if we have a way to access it.

Kinesiology in Bristol

Kinesiology muscle testing allows us this access.  There are many different fields of kinesiology. I practice Integrated healing; a healing modality that combines kinesiology muscle testing with Reiki healing, life coaching and NLP techniques and more.

I specialise in supporting people with emotional balance to be calm and confident. A big part of working together with my clients to achieve this is pin-pointing old energy that is hindering their progress.

I believe that if we can transform our energy, we are free to go ahead and do the work presently needed to reach our goals and live happier healthier lives.

Therefore I am interested in working with bodys' energy systems and finding where there are energetic imbalances.

With kinesiology muscle testing I can check ~

The 42 muscles in the body that relate directly the Chinese Five Element Philosophy.

Many subtle energy systems such as the chakras, dantians, meridian (energy) pathways and for any invasive energies. Feedback from muscle testing will indicate where more energy is needed within these systems. Reiki healing is applied to re-energise and harmonise the energy flow throughout the body and the auric field.

Which kinesiology or healing techniques will bring you back in to balance.

For information that will support your session. This can be anything from an energy boost to angel cards or another kinesiology correction – let your body decide!

Charka balancing online

Given the right resources our bodys natural healing abilities are stimulated and balance can often be restored.

We can try to practice techniques to manage our problems, but if we are not transforming our energy it can mean a longer, harder process to make positive changes.