Muscle Reactivity

Muscle Reactivity

In kinesiology the term Reactivity refers to a pattern of imbalance within a particular muscle group. One muscle will have switched off in relation to another muscle in a moment of stress of strain.

This may have helped at the time by preventing further injury. However, if some muscles continue to be in a pattern of reacting every time that muscle is used it can cause pain, discomfort and deviation of posture.

We can reset the relationship between these muscles with kinesiology, which can really improve the posture and therefore comfort levels.

Balancing the Muscles

On a physical level, kinesiology can balance certain muscles in the body, bringing back the integrity of ‘switched off’ muscles, that are giving a ‘weak’ response.


Because we are multi-dimensional beings, re-establishing balance and alignment in the physical body can have a positive effect on other areas.

We can also intentionally tap into other areas using muscle-monitoring feedback, to uncover which emotions are involved, for example.

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It’s the same with energy work. We can muscle test to discover whereabouts the person requires healing. There are many energy pathways in the body – it’s an incredibly complex and intelligent system that is working beautifully for us most of the time.

We can also find out if any of the chakras are out of balance, so that we can re-balance and re-energise them.

After seven years practice I still think kinesiology is absolute magic – I use it on myself all the time – it keeps me together!