When past lives crop up

When past lives crop up in my kinesiology sessions

Occasionally when a client is working on present issues and working towards future goals, a reference to a past life will crop up.

This could be an energy that has been brought forward into this lifetime by the person, that is no longer supporting them and needs to be cleared.

This week, one of my clients was working on moving forward with her personal goals. The session had involved Reiki healing and information in the form of a card that very specifically supported the two subjects she was working on.

Near the close of the session we were working with the Brow Chakra, where we muscle test to see if there is anything else – cards, essence, affirmations, other information, etc – that will be supportive to her and her goals.

Muscle testing lead us to a scanbook of information on all kinds of subjects. Further testing confirmed the Past Lives page. From all the possible past life subjects on this page, it was ‘ 1607 AD – First English settlement in America’ which feedback using kinesiology confirmed as relevant.

This tied in with what my client was working with, showing her that she had achieved something similar, yet even more challenging in the past. We were then able to clear the stress that this unconscious memory had been carrying, freeing her to move forward.

Old energy blocks like this can be linked to emotions we are experiencing in present time. So it can be beneficial to clear them, when they present themselves.

I don’t go ‘fishing’ for past life issues with clients. However, past life information does surface when it is necessary for the client. I find working with the now and looking forward are more effective.

When past live information does show up with muscle testing, it will be something simple, and not necessary to delve deep into it. All we need to know is what we need to do next to clear the stress, or learn from it – again feedback directly from the client using kinesiology muscle testing will give us the answer/s.

There have been instances in which clients have cleared old energies, and have reported feeling very different. Read about client experiences here: Kinesiologyand here: Client Feedback.

Integrated Healing provides a safe space for past life and other energetic information to come up and be cleared, by ensuring we work in a divinely protected environment. I always work within a safe space for my clients and myself.

Examples of other energy issues that Integrated Healing can help with are; clearing negative energetic cords, chakra clearing and balancing, clearing invasive energies, and releasing old vows. More deep level issues that I.H can help with are listed here: www.integratedhealing.co.uk

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