Menopause is just one of the things that can be experienced at mid life.

Around the ages of 40-50 all kinds of questions about your life can be triggered, along with thoughts about what you have / may not have achieved. If we are lucky, at forty we are half way through our lives and have another forty of so years to look forward to.

Is your glass half full of half empty?

Bearing this in mind mid life can be a wonderful time of change and opportunity, if we choose to see it that way. Mothers will have teenagers who are about to fly the nest. This may be a big change but also leaves space for a woman to come back to herself and her own needs.

For other women, it can be a time of acceptance of something that never came to pass, like the chance to bear and raise children. Although many woman are choosing to have babies or toddlers in their early forties. This too can be seen as a new phase of life, family life.

In our forties and fifties we know ourselves much better. We know who we are. There can be a settling into ourselves, a confidence about who we are, which can be liberating.

Most importantly mid life is not the end! It can be a time of getting ourselves free, changing direction. The possibility of really living the way we want to, being true to ourselves. Especially for those women who have had problems, pain or discomfort with our menstrual cycles, as they finally draw to a close.

The mid life experience will be a very different one for each individual woman, and dependant on the circumstances she finds herself in. It does not follow that she will have exactly the same experience that her mother or grandmother had. That's good to know, right?

Confusion at the crossroads

The questions that this time of life can bring up are many. Life changes can feel overwhelming coupled with peri-menopausal changes taking place which affect the physical body and our emotions. We may feel out of control in a sense, at the mercy of our own bodies. We may at times feel extra sensitive.

Time for you

Kinesiology sessions can help bring us back into balance by working with the body's intelligence, giving us a sense of calm, well-being and bringing us back to our centre. They can be beneficial alongside any medical treatments you may be having; they are gentle and safe.

Coming to terms with any issues, managing symptoms, coming home to yourself and getting on track with your life and where you want it to go from here can be empowering.

I have worked with woman going through changes at mid life and am always inspired by how they manage to dig deep and do the work necessary to find solutions.

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