How to Stay Balanced in Today’s World

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A growing number of my clients are showing signs of stress related to the wider picture, as well as the personal issues they come to me to work on.

  • Are you anxious about the future of the planet?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed when political or environmental images pop up on social media?
  • Does watching or listening to the new make you tense and want to switch off?

There have always been problems in the world. However, these days everything is broad cast. We are shown the full extent of the problems we face, if not in mainstream media, then on social media, as anyone with a smart phone can record video.
Feelings of sadness, powerlessness can arise and over time bottle up.

In my opinion staying balanced by releasing built up stress in vital to stay calm and happy. Working through some of these feelings with someone close can help but sometimes we need a bit of extra support to work through things.

Kinesiology sessions can help you to release stress and trauma as well as help you work through feelings in a practical way.

Working energetically means quite often we can get to the root of any blockages and increase feelings of well-being. Re-balancing your energy can transform how you feel, leaving you calm and confident going forward with a positive mindset, more resilient to problems in the world around us.

Tips for staying balanced

  • Practice Emotional Stress Release technique if feeling over whelmed or emotional
  • Consider how many people are doing good work in the world, especially the younger generation.
  • Do something towards the good of the planet. I support TreeSisters. Volunteer with a local organisation. Reduce you waste. The ways you can give back are endless. What are you really passionate about? This will help you to know that you are taking action. No matter how small, it all helps.
  • Practice simple meditation or mindfulness to keep your mind calm, able to focus on what you want to, rather than running away with you. You can easily could download an app like Calm or Headspace.

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