Reflection and a Positive Way Forward

Have you had time for reflection during the covid19 crisis and lockdown?

Maybe you thrived working from home. Maybe one or more areas of your life became unbearable for you.

During the pandemic, having a different schedule has forced me to confront different aspects of myself, my habits and my thinking processes.  It cast a spotlight on the things that weren’t working for me beforehand, that I put up with, because I thought it was the only way things could be.

I found this a great opportunity to do more inner work and really dig deep into where l want to go from here. What started out as a stressful and uncertain time has inspired me to change the way I live and work. From this month I am seeing clients exclusively on-line and travelling on my house boat.

It feels incredible to have reached this level of freedom, for someone who was agoraphobic and feared leaving the house. Anything is possible - even things you can’t yet imagine!

Now is the perfect time to work on ourselves and our ‘stuff’ before going back out into life. Are there elements of your life that you need to work on, such as your relationship with yourself or others? What do you want your life, relationships and work to look like when you are back in the ‘new normal’?

Are you ready to make positive changes in your work or personal life, but scared to make the leap on your own, even though your soul is telling you it is the only way forward?

I have supported hundreds of clients in moving safely through change by releasing past and present stress and getting clear on how they can achieve their dreams.

If this is of interest to you contact me for an initial chat to find out more.

Tabitha x


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