Special Offer ~ join our Circle of Light for one Reiki Meditation Evening as a guest and experience the power of healing and relaxation! Contact me to book and I will send you a link x

Are you a sensitive soul, empath or hsp who wishes to stay balanced with the power of healing and self mastery on your healing journey?

Join us for Reiki Healing Meditations. Build resilience by connecting to your inner guidance for calm and clarity, throughout life's challenges.

What is included in this membership?

  • The membership is comprised of fortnightly Reiki Healing transmissions and group support, paid on a monthly basis.
  • I will lead you through a peaceful meditation to; 1. Ground your energy. 2. Clear and protect your energy field. 3. Connect to your higher wisdom. 4. Receive relaxing Reiki healing. Occasionally intuitive messages and insights come through me for the group (these are always positive).
  • Reiki healing will be followed with support from my kinesiology 'tool box'; a card reading, sound healing or an energy technique, for example.
  • Sharing of experiences will follow (optional). The group meditations are held on Zoom, where you can recline and relax.
  • There is a weekly opportunity to ask me anything in advance and I will answer your questions in the live.
  • Membership includes the Circle of Light Community - a private Facebook group, with extra tips from me and connection with other members.

" I think I have got more from this group than I expected! I thought it would just be a healing every other week, but I'm also learning loads from all of you. "

Group healing is a wonderful experience, as the healing that comes through is specifically for the people who are present. I tend to follow the energy and what comes through. Each one is different.

I have been developing my practice and working with sensitive people for 14 years. Being one myself, I love to support others with what I have learned and will be delighted to welcome you as a new member!

Simply fill in the form below and I look forward to welcoming you into our circle!

Tabitha x


Is it for me? Yes, if you...

  1. Want to receive regular healing.
  2. To learn self mastery through connection with your own inner guidance.
  3. Wish to learn to centre yourself and feel balanced.
  4. To be energetically protected.
  5. To be energetically aligned with your life goals.
  6. It would be beneficial for those interested in using healing and energy work to stay balanced. Perhaps you have done some Reiki / healing training and wish to connect with the energy regularly or simply wish to experience healing.
  7. Great if you want to manage your energy and emotions as a sensitive person!
  8. Would like to be part of a group of people like you, sharing experiences and wins.

What it's not

  • I do not give 'psychic readings'. Reiki is not religious. All beliefs are welcome.
  • Not just for women, all sensitive people are welcome.
  • Not a place to join to promote your business.

Any questions? Get in touch x

Integrated Healing Kinesiology

Join our supportive circle for regular healing and learning to take good care of your energy, armed with self knowledge and great techniques to cope with life's challenges.



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Here is a link to a previous Reiki Healing Meditation that I did live on Facebook last year x

Come back to yourself

Term & Conditions

By signing up you agree to the terms as follows.

Initially, you are committing to 3 monthly payments, after which membership will roll over on a monthly basis and you can then cancel at any time, at one months notice.

I have the right to cancel memberships at any time.

You have read and understand the disclaimer below.

Over 18's only.


Reiki, Integrated Healing and Kinesiology are complementary therapies. I do not diagnose or treat specific conditions.

Always consult with your GP or a Medical Professional if you suspect you are unwell. 

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