Reiki & Spiritual Development

Reiki can support our Spiritual Development

Reiki is non-denominational; it is not restricted to a particular religion or faith. All beliefs are welcome without judgement. There is no ‘one path’. The path can be discovered within yourself.

How Reiki has supported my spiritual journey

I wanted to learn Reiki to help other people. I wasn’t prepared for how much it would give me. When I was initiated I found the more I worked with the energy, the more I relaxed into being myself. It was like coming home.

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Reiki has helped me become a clearer channel for insights and guidance from my higher self / wisdom. I began to feel supported by and connected to the world around me and to guidance.

Practising Reiki on myself continues to support me, not only on my spiritual journey, but emotionally, mentally and at times with physical pain (I have endometriosis, which although now manageable is still at times painful).

I may also use Reiki healing, for example, if I need to relax and calm down, or get to sleep more easily.

Client Kinesiology & Reiki Sessions

Clients will comment that they feel calmer, lighter and more at ease after sessions.

Self awareness and understanding can unfold whilst receiving Reiki healing. It helps us gain clarity. Decisions become easier as we are given space to realise what our needs are and how best to support ourselves.

Spiritual Healing

Reiki allows our spiritual journey to unfold naturally and at a safe pace. We are able to come to our own conclusions and choose beliefs that are beneficial to us.

With the support and guidance of an experienced practitioner, we can finally let go of what we don’t need, be it a relationship, a job, or a way of being or thinking.