Savvy Sensitives Full Membership ~ coming soon!

An example month

Week One – Newsletter & Blog Post, with Journal Prompts.

Week Two – Healing & meditation evening with card reading.

Week Three – Live masterminds – I teach a technique and am in the ‘hot seat’ to answer questions.

Week Four – Healing & meditation evening with card reading.

Full Membership includes access to information, worksheets and my videos on Sensitive subjects such as; grounding, staying balanced, relationships, work life. Also managing energy, emotions and mindset as a sensitive soul. You will be welcomed into a supportive community of sensitives, too.

Membership is monthly at £45.

So, included are fortnightly relaxing meditations which including distance Reiki healing and a reading for the group.

Energy healing helps to keep you feeling balanced and calm. It also clears your energy field of unwanted energy that has built up, leaving you feeling lighter and more positive.

Lets stick together through these chaotic times and support each other with great ways to stay balanced.

To register your interest or ask any questions, contact me and I will be happy to help.

Tabitha x