Self Care for Sensitive People

Self Care for Sensitive People

Sensitive people need to be sensitive AND strong to survive.

Being strong does not mean NOT being yourself or being defensive, or putting on a brave face. It means being authentic and embracing your sensitivity by knowing how to manage it and having great (secret) techniques to help you stay feeling good in difficult situations / environments and in the company of others.

Need to regularly ~

They need to be ~

  • Self empowered
  • Able to stay centred and grounded around different people and environments
  • Master of their emotions, such as; fear, anxiety, overwhelm, empathy

They need to have ~

  • A strong sense of self and others – knowing /sensing the difference of emotions and energy feelings around others – i.e. knowing what is yours and what is not
  • A calm, clear, quite and well organised environment to retreat too
  • Good boundaries with others and with their time.

As a sensitive person and having worked with many sensitive people, I understand the challenges as well as the gifts that being sensitive bring.

Integrated Healing sessions allow you to find the best solutions for you, and learn powerful techniques to take control of your mindset, emotions and energy, so you can be your true sensitive self but stand strong in your power, making everyday life much easier!

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