Are You Running a Sabotage Programme?

Do you sabotage yourself?

Do you have a negative pattern sabotaging your health or happiness? Maybe there are important things you want to do but you can’t stop procrastinating? Do you feel like you are getting in your own way?

Sabotage or Survival programmes are ‘set up’ at times when we unconsciously think we need them for our survival, often in early years.

These programmes can still be running in present time, preventing us from fully enjoying our lives.

They can affect any area of our lives; our health, relationships, work, self development and so on.

Healing in Bristol

This can be frustrating as no matter how hard we try to make positive changes, we always fail and can’t understand why!

The good news is that within Integrated Healing sessions sabotage programmes can be safely accessed and cleared.

We are then free to move forward developing healthy habits and self care for ourselves.