Small Changes ~ Big Results

Sometimes small changes can mean big results and sooner than we expect

I saw a client who wanted help with a skin problem and to have more confidence. During his first kinesiology session, we found that his crown chakra was out of balance.

We balanced the crown chakra using Reiki healing. The crown is the main area in which we bring universal energy in from source. It seemed that he was not completely aligned with letting good energy into his being. I asked him about this and what it might mean to him, and his reply was that he didn’t really like himself. So we considered that he may have been blocking his own good energy from coming in a little.

Aftercare recommendations from this session were to list 20 reasons to like himself / why he is a likeable person, along with using positive affirmations of his choice. Some healthier eating options were also indicated.

At his follow-up session he reported that his outlook had changed and he was feeling more confident, also that his partner had remarked that he was ‘completely different’.

Changes can be quick and easy. Are you ready to emerge?

It seemed that this small change of beginning to consciously like himself had made such a big different to him and those around him. He continued to be more confidence and laid back during follow-up sessions.

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