Soul Integration ~ feeling whole & complete

Soul Integration comes up in both Kinesiology & Reiki sessions. It is such an honour to be able to help parts of the soul to come back to someone. I have done a few lately, so thought I would share it here.

Soul Integration is a gentle and relaxing, as it done using healing. Hence it comes up in Reiki sessions occasionally although it is an Integrated Healing technique.

Soul Integration means exactly that ~ integrating parts of the soul that have fragmented

When Soul Integration comes up it often relates to a person feeling incomplete in some way, or to feelings of disassociation, or that there is a piece of them missing.

Soul Fragments can split off

Missing soul fragments can manifest symptoms such as not feeling fully present in certain situations. Another example might be at the end of a relationship someone feeling that the other person took a part of them with them.

This can cause clients to go from one therapy to another trying to find the thing that will complete them. This can also lead to being involved in bad relationships, addictions or just feeling lost.

Fragments of the soul can fragment if we have a shock or trauma or deeply emotional experience of some kind

It is as if those parts of us literally run and hide and are then outside of our energy field to scared to return, until it is safe to do so.  When working on releasing stress around issues that relate to them, these soul parts come closer to return and can be integrated through healing.

When missing part/s of the soul return, these are literally parts of ourselves that we have been missing

Soul integration can increase our sense of safety, completeness and happiness.  It can transform the need for addictive or unhelpful behaviours, or unsatisfactory relationships.

Therefore we can experience simply feeling back in our own shoes, that we can fully be ourselves again. It is likely we  experience feeling present and more centred in our body. For some people this is literally like a home-coming.  We didn’t realise it was us we had been missing all along!

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