You are a Spark of Light

During kinesiology sessions we quite often uncover that there is a belief that we are unworthy, undeserving or bad in some way.

With feedback from kinesiology muscle testing we can detect and gently clear any negative energies / past memories that have been holding us back,


here could have been a decision we made about ourselves at an early age when we were going through a difficult  time, or as the result of a negative relationship, for example.

These unconscious beliefs take a toll can on more than one area of our lives, blocking us from being our beautiful selves; sabotaging our relationships, work life and any positive efforts we try to make.

When it comes down to it,  many of us dislike ourselves, believing that part of us it bad or unworthy.

When we can uncover those beliefs however, and take the time to consciously have a good root around however, we find that there is no monster – no dreadful beast lurking –  just us. The truth is, at our core we are a spark of light, full of potential.

When we know this we are free to love ourselves as we are.

Why not make it easier on yourself and start loving yourself today, just as you are? It could make all the difference.

Remember, none of us are perfect. Wouldn’t life be boring if we were?

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