Spiritual Guidance

In Integrated Healing sessions spiritual guidance comes from you. As well as working consciously together, we are accessing your higher self and therefore your souls wisdom.

As we work towards your personal goals, this information that your body pin-points can provide clarity around challenges that you are facing. You can gain insight on how best to move forward or cope with a particular person or situation.

The answers you need are already inside you. If you want to get clear on something or what is holding you back, Integrated healing session can help.

Sessions can support you in feeling more spiritually connected and tuning into your intuitive faculties.

Spiritual guidance means different things to different people. In my session it shows up in the following ways.

Information in the form of scan lists of many subject; emotions, foods, crystals, beliefs, soul contracts, invasive energies, purpose, relationships, home, work, space clearing, past life issues, etc.

I occasionally receive insights whilst working with clients. When this happens I do not put my own spin on it, but offer the information to the client. What it means to them (or doesn't mean) is what is important.

Clients are able to access their own wisdom, during healing or gently releasing past stresses. Together we discuss better ways of being and the best way to move forward.

If you are going through a spiritual awakening , wish to become more aware and awake or have recently been initiated in to Reiki or a similar healing modality, I would love to support you with my 20 years knowledge and experience, as you find your own way of working and being with the energy.

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