Stress Release for Calm and Clarity

I have been supporting people with well-being for over 15 years and have been reviewing my business and what it is I actually do with my clients.

I have had an interest in working with sensitive people however, they are not my only clientele.

People contact me initially because they are going through some sort of stress in their lives.

To give examples this could be ~

  • A change in circumstances, a life change such as a relationship break down and needing to get clear about what they want to do.
  • Wishing to make positive changes but not having the confidence or strength to go about it.
  • Mental or emotional blocks stopping them from moving on, or doing what they want to do.
  • Recovering from an experience which is impacting them in the present, such as old trauma or an unhealthy relationship.
  • Being bullied in the (recent or not so recent) past.
  • Something has made them loose confidence and they wish to feel like themselves again.

People that contact me express an interest in the support I offer as it includes energy work as well as talking, to find solutions to make big inner shifts 

So what is it I am actually doing with my clients?

I find this quite complex to communicate, as each individual brings different issues to work with and the corrections that come up as we the work together vary in each session..

I am going to put it as simply as possible here.

  • Through talking, kinesiology and using other modalities, we find what the stressors are. We work through these in a gentle and safe way, releasing stress from mind, body and spirit.
  • Healing and energy work bring in new energy and clear what is no longer needed.
  • We then find new ways of being or managing that work the best for us.
  • These will be effective now we have cleared underlying stress and energy blocks!

So what is it am I actually doing with my clients??

From my perspective, I am facilitating deep level healing - healing past and present stress. For clients, this clears the way forward, leaving them feeling different and able to move forward in life.

There are things that have happened to all of us in our past, that we still carry with us. This can hinder our personality and block our life goals, in the present.

People know what they want to change or how they want to feel, but don't know how to get there.

In my practice I guide people to reach their own conclusions, to know what best to do for themselves, to connect with the parts of themselves that need healing.

" After my 4 sessions, I felt so much for in touch with my body, my eating had regulated, my sense of groundedness and presence was stronger and I have a stronger commitment to my creative practice and life path.

I left feeling more empowered, dedicated, self-loving and filled with a sense of trust/ease. I recommend Tabitha's gentle approach and have witnessed powerful changes within from only a handful of sessions! " J.O (female, late twenties)

If this sounds like something you would like to explore, feel free to contact me to arrange an initial chat.

You can make positive changes, feel better and achieve more perhaps than you think you can.



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