Surviving Christmas ~ A Guide for Sensitives

Are you looking forward to enjoying some Christmas magic... or dreading feeling drained by certain family members, trying to organise everything with your head in a spin and running yourself ragged with social engagements and crowded shopping centres in the process?

Surviving Christmas as a Sensitive Person

  • Make sure you don't plan too much into your diary. Leave space for rest time and self care in-between social engagements. Check in with yourself. If it all feels too much, you might choose to let something go, so you can catch up on your energy levels.
  • Balance out shopping time with quiet time. Got a big day on? Make sure to plan stops, like taking time out in a cafe, or plan a relaxing evening afterwards to recuperate. Shopping on-line is an option.
  • Delegate. If there are other people around you, they can help - get them involved. If you don't want to delegate, read the next one!
  • Let go of perfectionism. Life isn't like a perfect film set. Leave room for imperfection. Other people won’t be as focused on the details as you are.
  • Don’t over do the sugar. If you are sensitive, sugar can make you feel over stimulated, overwhelmed and less tolerable of people and situations, leaving you exhausted as sugar levels plummet. Of course enjoy yourself! Just be aware of pacing yourself on the sweet stuff.
  • Ground yourself before going into busy, crowded places. Focus on your Hara Point, just below the navel, to stay centred in your own energy, if you start to feel off balance around other peoples energy. Many people are rushing around emitting stressful vibes at this time of year. Don’t get caught up in it. Keep your calm with ninja-like energy techniques - others will wonder what your secret is!
  • Communicate your needs effectively. If you need to slip away for a nap, explain clearly you need to take half an hour because you are tired. There will be no need for others to take offence, if you are confident and kind about it. 
  • Practice bringing yourself into the moment by focusing on the breath. Mindfulness helps us to take proper notice of the good moments, therefore making them more memorable (rather than any challenging stuff).
  • Take time to journal. Acknowledge what you have achieved over the past year. Consider what you have to be grateful for. How do you want to go forward?
  • Remember what is important. If you have your loved ones around you and you are all safe and well, be grateful. The size of the tree, the colour scheme on the dining table and the variety of food really aren't all that important. Try and see the humour in it all and take things lightly.

I hope you have found a few of these suggestions helpful x

If things get overwhelming, lets work together to support you in being less reactive, more centred in your own energy and strengthen up your sense of calm and confidence.

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