Health, healing and emotional well-being have been my main focus in life for the past 30 years. I use what I have learned regularly, to feel balanced and well.

I am a natural intuitive and had a spiritual awakening in my early twenties, which put me on this career path (read more below).

I am able to connect with you to find out what is going on at a deeper level, to help you gain insight and tap into the healing resources that are already within you, to facilitate deep level change.

I am fully qualified and have been a member of The Complementary Therapists Association since 2005. Insured with Holistic Insurance.

I had a case study published in a kinesiology book in 2011.

I bring to my sessions 17 years of working with clients, plus knowledge gained from the training listed below, all of which I practice within the modality of Integrated Healing.

Tabitha Gale Dip. IH CThA RM

International Diploma in Integrated Healing ~ a combination of Life Coaching, Kinesiology, Healing & NLP.

Reiki Master Degree

Touch for Health Kinesiology

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Meridian Tapping

Dance Movement Therapy

Holistic Therapy Studies

‘I am stronger and more focused at work and in my personal life. I really do urge anyone who is struggling with any aspect of life or emotional battle to try sessions with Tabitha. Her gentle calming approach is brilliant.’


Tabitha Gale

My Story

I discovered Kinesiology as many natural health practitioners do, by having sessions myself.

Due to difficult life events in childhood and my late teens, which affected my self esteem, followed by a stressful event at college,  I began suffering with severe anxiety and panic attacks at the age of 17.

I had two periods of Agoraphobia (I had anxiety attacks when I went out) - which totally interfered with my life. By my early twenties I had already tried a handful of talking therapies and self-help books and herbal remedies which were supportive but didn't change the way I felt enough to make a difference.

I also experienced 'weird feelings' that knocked me off balance, which I now know to be energetic as I am clairsentient. Something I didn't know existed back then.

Age 24, in my search to feel 'normal' and less anxiety ridden, I was recommended Kinesiology.

I was amazed – the kinesiologist was communicating not just with me consciously, but directly with my body's wisdom, to find the answers we needed for me to feel better.

She used a lot of Emotional Stress Release. which released trauma and stress from past events and allowed me to focus on a positive future.

At 4-8 sessions, I had released stressful events from the past. My panic attacks were fading away and I now had powerful techniques to support myself in staying calm and balanced.

At that time, I pledged to myself that I would one day help others in the same way. If it had worked for me it could work for them.

Then something else happened... I had a spiritual awakening!

These sessions had opened up a whole new energetic (and for me personally a spiritual) dimension to my life, which gave me courage and explained a lot of my previous 'weird' experiences and feelings.

At last my sensitivities were starting to make sense and over the next few years would become my strengths.

I am so grateful I went through those years of anxiety and soul searching, because otherwise I never would have found my calling of supporting others to feel better and able to create a life they love!

Are you ready to restore balance within yourself and your life? Contact me.

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Walking My Talk

I believe it is vital to practice self-care to maintain well-being.

I self test, using my healing ‘tools’ for my own well-being and book regular consultations and energy work sessions with fellow practitioners.

In my spare time, I enjoy life on my houseboat and being close to nature. I can be found relaxing with my other half and my cat.

Fun fact - my mother is an artist and we are related to Lizzie Siddal of the Pre-Raphaelites, she is our great auntie!

Lizzie Siddal Pre-raphaelite

Here is a picture of Elizabeth Siddal's portrait by Dante Gabriel Rossetti on Wikipedia