Take Control of Your Mindset

Take Control of your mindset and feel a whole lot better

We are not just our minds, although it can feel like that sometimes.

When our mind is busy, it can feel like a runaway train. If old programmes are running us, unhelpful thinking patterns take us into a downward spiral which can make us feel emotional and even physically weak (signs of depression).

Such is the power of the mind.

But the truth is we can harness that power. We are much more then just a mind. We can step into the drivers seat.

We CAN choose what to think. We can change out patterns and programming and as a result feel so much better!

Here's a simple way to take back control of what you are thinking

  1. Be aware of what you are thinking, what triggers it?
  2. Do not fight the thoughts but notice them.
  3. Write down your most common negative thoughts, the ones that bother you.
  4. Write down positive alternatives to these thoughts.

Now, you want to notice the unwanted thoughts and practice replacing them with the new, helpful ones.

There is no need to be serious about this - treat it as a fun game!

This will feel new and will take repetition, but eventually your mind will pick up the new thoughts and will automatically think those.

It’s best to work on one or two at a time.

As a result of changing your thinking you will feel much better on all levels!

There are more ways to work with our emotional well-being.

Sometimes we need a little extra support if we are stuck in our thinking because of a painful experience from the past, for example or we have an unhelpful belief or two lurking around.

In which case I would love to help you free yourself of these limitations, so can make the positive changes you wish for and make them stick.

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Tabitha x

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