Why Sensitives & Empaths Burnout

Reasons why sensitives and empaths are prone to suffer burn out

  1. Tend to be conscientious and prone to go into perfectionist mode, doing too much.
  2. As perfectionists they never live up to their own high standards (or so they believe).
  3. They do too much for others and not enough for themselves
  4. Need alone time to assimilate and recuperate, ready to go out in the world recharged and resilient.
  5. Have feelings of anxiety and are overwhelmed too often.
  6. Feel things deeply, which means emotional states good or bad can be exhausting.
  7. Find it hard to say ‘no’, always putting others first.
  8. Have big hearts that want to help and give to others.
  9. Don’t follow the good advice they give others!
  10. Are excellent listeners and comforters and people are drawn to them for help or emotional support.
  11. Haven’t worked out their personal boundaries concerning family, relationships, time, work, personal space.
  12. They spend their precious spare time worrying about what others think or feeling anxious about future events (for themselves and others!).
  13. They often have regrets (whether in the distant past or last week) and their minds go into over-thinking mode about what could have been done differently, accompanied by feelings of guilt.
  14. They count their flaws, rather than their achievements and never feel good enough.
  15. They have underlying feelings about being unworthy, not good enough or not doing enough.

Are you a sensitive who feels they are reaching burnout?

  • Tired all the time
  • Quick to anger or cry
  • Feeling over stretched
  • In a job where you never get to complete your workload
  • Losing interest in the things you enjoy
  • Not eating well, loss of appetite
  • Waking up at night feeling anxious about know or unknown things
  • Not being able to focus or concentrate
  • Feeling scattered mentally or energetically
  • Over thinking and can’t switch off
  • Finds it hard to relax when you finally have time to

What if I told you, you CAN get back to feeling good again?

To take control of your life and have good energy, feel good about your relationships, find balance and make time for yourself and the things you want to do?

We can do this by working 1:1 together and focusing on what is important to you. Kinesiology can pinpoint and clear the cause of stress, whist working towards solutions – even at distance – which is how I work on Zoom.

The magic is within YOU and we can access it!

  1. Learn easy ways to manage your energy
  2. Create healthy boundaries that support you (and others!)
  3. Use a simple technique to clear stress on the go, so it doesn’t build up
  4. Tweak your diary to make windows of time for self-care

All of the above will result in you having more energy, happiness and time.

It’s true that small changes get big results!

If you would like to find out about working with me, lets book a 20 min Zoom, so I can answer your questions. Click here.

Tabitha x

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