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... more calm, confidence and clarity

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Would you like to feel better and make positive changes, creating a life-style that sustains you?

  • Receive practical life coaching support in finding solutions
  • Take control of mindset and emotions, so that you can choose how you feel and respond to people and situations?
  • Let go of limiting emotional patterns or pain?
  • Be calm and confident in the areas of your life where you need to the most?
  • Create new, positive beliefs that support you in taking action to create a life you love, by being your best self?
  • Manage being a highly sensitive person or empath, so that you can use your intuition as an effective guidance system, whist being centred and strong?
  • Receive energy-work, healing, insights and guidance
  • Have simple techniques under you belt to strengthen you now and to help manage life's challenges

Then you have come to the right place!

In my 17 years of working with clients I have refined my approach help you as an individual, to meet you where you are and address the issues you are struggling with.

I help you move through challenges by tapping into your own wisdom, so that you can make the best decisions for yourself and your life.

If you are feeling off balance, overwhelmed, caught in a cycle of stress or anxiety, then you are especially welcome here!

We all go through challenges at different times during our lives with our health, relationships, home life or otherwise.

Experiences from the past may still be holding us back.  At times we need extra support to regain our strength and sense of balance again.

Sensitive people in particular can be deeply affected by traumatic events or unhealthy relationships and still be carrying those emotions in their daily lives.

In my sessions you can focus on the things that are important to you and make empowering choices.

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Tabitha Gale Kinesiology & Healing

Intuitive Coaching & Healing

A combination of Integrated Healing, Life Coaching, Kinesiology & Healing.

Release stress, feel safe and stay balanced and able to deal with challenges in life.  Create a life you love!

Integrated Healing Kinesiology

On-line Courses

LIVE online courses for calm, simple living. Excellent for sensitives and creatives!

Decluttering, Space Clearing and more...

Reiki Group Healing online

Circle of Light Community

A friendly space where I share fortnightly guided relaxations, so that we can check in with ourselves and each other.

Joining is FREE and I run free events and challenges here, too!

Come back to yourself with relaxing healing, insights and practical solutions

I initially made contact as I felt anxious, overwhelmed, lacking in energy and like I had lost my spark.

All my sessions have been over Zoom which worked really well and I liked being able to be in familiar surroundings at home.

Tabitha used many healing techniques in conjunction with intuitive guidance during my sessions. She is calm and gentle in her approach and her empathy is shown in her support, advice and guidance given.

Across my sessions I have gained a tool bag of techniques to use going forward, to manage how I feel.

After each session I experienced subtle and gentle changes that had have made a big difference.

I have made so much progress compared to the person I was in my first session and I have also learnt so much - both about new techniques I can use and about myself.

I would highly recommend Tabitha.




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