Calm, Confidence & Clarity

Restore balance within yourself and your life

Are you feeling stuck, off balance, dealing with difficult emotions or going through life changes?

We all go through challenges at different times during our lives with our health, relationships, home life, career or otherwise. Sometimes we need extra support to regain our strength and sense of balance again.

Would you like to feel balanced and start thriving?

You can focus on the things that are important to you and make empowering choices.

We will consciously explore the best solutions and communicate with your soul and energy systems, to facilitate deep level healing. Sessions are enlightening and relaxing.

Release stress and learn simple effective ways of managing your emotions and energy.

Why not take action to make positive changes and feel balanced today?

You can choice appointment options;  one session at a time, or commit to a package of 4 or more weekly sessions.

Regular consultations are popular with those interested in regular self care and personal or spiritual development. Some clients book monthly follow-up appointments to stay balanced in general, once their initial issues are addressed.

Contact me to arrange an initial no obligation chat to discuss your requirements.

Tabitha x

Over the last 14 years I have come to specialise in ~ 

Stress, anxiety, panic attacks or over worrying

Feeling overwhemled by emotions

Lack of confidence and self esteem

Grief or sense of loss or a relationship changes

Managing energetically as a sensitive - protection, grounding, clearing tools and techniques

Wanting to make positive changes but feel blocked

Career change and finding purpose

Confidence and courage to make positive changes

Moving beyond fears into freedom

Work / life balance

Building resilience for meeting challenges in your life, as a sensitive person

Being able to relax and be their authentic selves

Self love, self care and kindness

Relationships with self and others, managing emotions and behaviour

Positive mindset

Client lead self mastery

Integrated Healing is a modality that incorporates Life Coaching, NLP, Reiki Healing,  Kinesiology techniques with gentle stress release techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Working creatively together, we can find solutions, whilst the healing aspect of my work aims to get to the root of the problem, removing blocks so you are free to move forward.

  • I work with my clients to make positive changes that are realistic and achievable.
  • There is a strong emphasis on emotional intelligence, healing and energy work.
  • You will learn techniques and life skills to support you in between sessions and beyond.

If you are a sensitive soul you are especially welcome here.

Recline and relax during your appointment in the privacy of your own home, as we work together towards your goals and feeling balanced and calm.

I now work with people in the UK and USA on-line

Tabitha Gale Integrated Healing
Tabihta Gale Integrated Healing

Integrated Healing Appointments

A combination of Integrated Healing, Kinesiology, Life Coaching & Reiki, for balance and well-being. 

Reiki Group Healing online

Circle of Light Healing Group Membership

We meet fortnightly for guided meditation with reiki & healing transmissions, kinesiology tools, energy work and group support.  Questions and answers and a friendly Facebook Community of sensitives.

Integrated Healing Kinesiology

Stay in the Loop

I had one face to face session to start with, followed by 2 online sessions, all of which made a huge difference.

I was a bit sceptical about using the online facility but with Covid-19, a face to face appointment wasn't available. I am so glad I carried on though, as these were equally as good and enlightening as my first appointment.

After 3 appointments, I am in the best place I have been for ages, I feel much more energised, balanced, in control and ready to be me again.

I cannot recommend Tabitha and the therapies she offers enough. I found Tabitha to be open, understanding and I cannot recommend her enough.

Lucy - Bristol


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About Tabitha

Tabitha Gale Dip.IH CThA RM
Well-being Consultant | Integrated Healing

I am passionate about getting people in touch with the power and healing resources that are within them to create positive outcomes and deep level change and sharing the tools to do so.

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