Intuitive Coaching, Kinesiology & Healing

Are you ready to step into a life you love with confidence and ease?

Do you wish for support in navigating though life changes, difficult emotions or healing from a challenging experience? Now is the time to align with your life path and reach your goals.

We all go through challenges at different times during our lives with our health, relationships, home life, career or otherwise.

Experiences from the past may still be holding us back.

At times we need extra support to regain our strength and sense of balance again.

Sensitive people in particular can be deeply affected by traumatic events or unhealthy relationships and still be carrying those emotions in their daily lives.

  1. Together we work towards your goals and desires.
  2. As we do this we will release stress and past experiences.
  3. You will learn simple, effective ways of managing your emotions and energy.

My sessions allow you to focus on the things that are important to you and make empowering choices.

Clients report sessions as being enlightening and relaxing.

Don't let the past define you.

Be free now. Come back to yourself.

16 years experience of supporting my clients with the following ~ 

Stress, anxiety, panic, worrying and over-thinking. Releasing overwhelm, negative thoughts and feelings

Lack of confidence and self esteem. Finding confidence and courage to be yourself

Feeling stable as an empath - energy protection, grounding, clearing tools and techniques

Finding purpose and career change

Moving beyond fears into freedom

At a crossroads, making life changing decisions

Navigating relationship changes, such as a break-up or loosing a loved one

Positive mindset and building resilience

Support with spiritual awakening; intuition and energetic house-keeping

Being present and feeling connected with ourselves and others.

Energy alignment, manifestation, energetic house-keeping; protection and boundaries.

Working with the energies around us at home, at work and in nature. Space-clearing and clutter-clearing cheer-leader!

Tabitha Gale Kinesiology

Integrated Healing Appointments

A combination of Integrated Healing, Kinesiology, Life Coaching & Reiki, for balance and well-being.

Clear the past & step into your future.

Reiki Group Healing online

Circle of Light Community

New! A private group where I share guided relaxation, Reiki Healing transmissions and Kinesiology techniques.

Come and join our supportive group.

Integrated Healing Kinesiology


Read about self-help techniques for your well-being, plus kinesiology, reiki and more.

Over 60 blog posts.

Integrated Healing is a transformational modality that incorporates Life Coaching, NLP, Reiki Healing,  Kinesiology techniques with gentle stress release techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Working creatively together, we can find solutions, whilst the healing aspect of my work aims to get to the root of the problem, removing blocks so you are free to move forward.

  • I work with my clients to make positive changes that are realistic and achievable.
  • You will learn techniques and life skills to support you in between sessions and beyond.

If you are a sensitive soul you are especially welcome here.

Hi I'm Tabitha, read about how I work and my story here.

Tabitha x

Tabitha Gale

I have seen Tabitha for a series of Integrated Healing sessions over the last 8 months. I initially made contact as I felt anxious, overwhelmed, lacking in energy and like I had lost my spark.

All my sessions have been over Zoom which worked really well and I liked being able to be in familiar surroundings at home.

Tabitha used many healing techniques in conjunction with intuitive guidance during my sessions. She is calm and gentle in her approach and her empathy is shown in her support, advice and guidance given.

Across my sessions I have gained a tool bag of techniques to use going forward, to manage how I feel.

After each session I experienced subtle and gentle changes that had have made a big difference.

I have made so much progress compared to the person I was in my first session and I have also learnt so much - both about new techniques I can use and about myself.

I would highly recommend Tabitha.