A case study published in 'Kinesiology' by Jane Thurnell-Read

Jane Thurnell-Read's book 'Kinesiology' (published in 2011) covers a history of kinesiology and the different systems that have evolved - Touch for Health, Applied Physiology, Health Kinesiology, Kinergetics, PKP, Three In One, Integrated Healing and more.

Here you can read interviews with some of the key figures in kinesiology and case studies from around the world.

Case study on IBS and stress

I was delighted to be contacted by Jane to write a case study giving an example of Integrated Healing and how releasing stress played a key role managing and clearing the symptoms of IBS.

There is a chapter on Integrated Healing in the book, with Mathilda Van Dyke (Co-founder of I.H. with Nic Oliver) talking about Integrated Healing.

My piece is on page 101 and there are other fascinating case studies from I.H. practitioners in Japan, Australia and the USA.

I feel very honoured to have taken part in this publication and to be part of a worldwide kinesiology family!