I have found working with my clients that although they may be intelligent and capable, many are sensitive or empathic. They feel things more deeply than most and are easily knocked off balance by people, environments or situations.

Empaths can sense other peoples moods, emotions and even the energy of places.

As a result they can often be baffled as to why they are so easily knocked off balance and can be running low on energy or feel emotionally drained, or both.

The good news is that you CAN manage your energy and emotions really well, when you know how.

Imagine what life would be like if you could have more control over your emotions and those mysterious energetic feelings.

Are you a highly sensitive person, empath or creative?

Are you extra sensitive to environments; light, sound, smells?

Do you easily pick up on other peoples moods, feel overwhelmed or find it difficult to seperate other peoples feelings from your own?

Do you have a vivid imagination, an analytical mind and a tendancy to over-think things?

Can you experience a whole roller-coaster of emotions, all in one day?

Are you easily knocked off balance or feel drained of energy in the company of certain people, situations or places?

Have others remarked on how sensitive you are, or told you to stop worrying or being so fussy?

Do you prefer close friendships to socialising in big groups?

Are you intuitive and someone others come to for advice?

Highly Sensitive People

Going forward with calm and confidence ~ your sensitivity is a gift and a strength

Would you like to self master your sensitivity by learning simple, powerful techniques you can use to make life easier?

Perhaps you wish to feel confident, empowered and able to be yourself more often?

To feel centred, grounded and certain of yourself in situations that would usually make you 'wobble'?

To be able to harness your natural intuition and use your emotions and sensitivity as a personal guidance system?

Perhaps you have been practicing meditation and relaxation or other techniques, but these are not changing how you actually feel?

Imagine for a moment how would it feel to be emotionally balanced, able to create healthy, respectful relationships and have the confidence to live a life you love, right now...

" Empowerment, clarity, confidence and self-compassion.

I came to Tabitha with a host of issues which were blocking me from having a more peaceful, creative, joyful daily life.

The sessions included a variety of healing modalities, such as energy balances, chakra work, Reiki and talking. In them, I felt very deep releases and was able to meet parts of myself that have been buried for years.

I was surprised at the efficacy of the healing online- it really did work wonders.

I left feeling more empowered, dedicated, self-loving and filled with a sense of trust/ease.

I recommend Tabitha's gentle approach and have witnessed powerful changes within from only a handful of sessions! "

RO Artist

I have many gentle, effective techniques to share with you that will bring you back into balance.

These are based on years of practicing professionally with clients, alongside navigating how to to manage my own energy as a sensitive, empath and intuitive.

Are you ready to make positive changes and feel better?

  • We can work together 1:1.
  • You can join my  Circle of Light Healing Group, for weekly guided relaxation and creative visualisation to align with our personal and professional goals.
  • Check out my 6-week programme below specially formulated for sensitives, empaths and creatives!
Programme for Sensitives & Empaths

A six-week programme for sensitives, empaths, creatives. In fact anyone who wants to reduce anxiety and feeling knocked off balance to feel calm, centred and confident in themselves to move forward with confidence and ease.

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