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Spiritual Healing and energy-work are part of my practice

Our spiritual self is not separate from our physical body or mental and emotional being. We function as a whole - all is connected.

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Spiritual or energetic work arises in relation to the problems we are having in life. Whatever it is, you can bet there is a spiritual aspect to it!

For example, we are all connected to loved ones and friends with energetic chords. These are ethereal, chords that we form to attach to those close to us.

Chords are mostly healthy, but there may come a time when we wish to disconnect to another, due to a break-up or an unhealthy relationship with them. We can get away from them physically but chording that have been well bonded may still be attached.


To give an example; I have had many clients who have come to me with an emotional problem, such as anxiety.

We may have released past stress, balanced the energy in a particular meridian and looked at mindset, but then I find there is energy on a spiritual plane connected to their anxiety that is not theirs.

When this happens, the extra energy will amplify the emotions we are feeling.

We can then find out what it is and gently release it. The result being that my client feels much lighter and it able to use the techniques I have given her to manage the anxiety to full effect.

To give another example; in the case of marriage, vows are verbally spoken with strong emotion and intent. These too can form an invisible tie to that person.

Imagine having separated from that person, but you cannot get them out of your head, even after a reasonable amount of time has past. You still feel affected by the way they behaved or spoke to you in the past -  they keep popping into your mind - you can't seem to shake them off and move on.

Energetic chords may be allowing an energetic connection between you, still. Once these are cleared, we feel a whole lot better, can feel free and new things have room to come into our lives.

Energetic Chords are just one example, here are a few more

  • Soul Integration (feeling disconnected, out of body)Charka balancing online
  • Inner Child work (stresses that happened in childhood still affecting us)
  • Invasive Energies (clearing energy that is not ours, whether from other people, places, past experiences or present. Including spirit release)
  • Chamber of Memories (stressful memories we still recall. Can be from this life or past lives, but affecting us in the now).
  • Redundant vows (can be tied in with negative chords).
  • Chakra Gateways (clearing old energy build up and issues hindering us in moving forward in life).
  • Inherited or past imprints (energetic imprints that are unhelpful can be removed from our energy field).

Working with spiritual issues is one dimension of my Integrated Healing appointments as they can be detected and cleared with this modality.

Spiritual Healing is not religious. It is not one thing or another. It is whatever has meaning in life, for you. We create spiritual beliefs based on personal experience and are ultimately free choose to beliefs which lift us up.

Clients find that my sessions help them be supported, spiritually. A feeling that life has their back.

We can become clearer about who we are and what we are here for. 'Soul searching' is a natural part of self development work. Some sessions lead to aha! moments as we listen to, and follow our inner voice.

  • Do you feel that a past relationship or stressful experience is still holding you back?
  • Maybe you have worked on it already, with mindset work but the feeling won't change?
  • Do you have repetitive patterns in your life that you can't seem to change?
  • Can you not put your finger on why you feel the way you do?
  • Does your energy feel sapped by certain people or places?
  • Do you feel that there is something energetic hanging around, that is not yours?
  • Would you like to feel clearer about your direction in life and work towards that, in a practical way?

It could be that a spiritual aspect requires clearing or healing

Integrated Healing addresses the hidden, spiritual or energetic aspects to what is going on within ourselves and our lives.

Without it, I don't believe we have the full picture and in some cases, may not have got to the root of the problem without balancing it.

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Tabitha x