Chakra Balancing in Bristol

Chakra Balancing comes up for many clients in my Kinesiology and Reiki sessions.

The chakras are part of the energy system in the body. They are spinning vortexes that control the energy coming in and out of the body.

There are many chakras in the subtle energy body, the main seven being the ones that run through the midline of the body, as pictured to the right.

Occasionally a chakra may need cleansing of blocked, old or invasive energy. The chakra can then be re-balanced with Reiki healing (Universal energy) and re-charged.

This is a relaxing experience, and should definitely leave you feeling clearer, with a better sense of well-being.

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The Brow Chakra or Third Eye

A handful of clients are having their Brow chakras balanced and re-energised at present, so I thought I’d write about this and share with you ways in which you can help yourself keep a calm brow.

The Brow chakra is to do with thinking, the mind, our beliefs, perceptions and thoughts. It is also to do with Divine wisdom. It is sometimes referred to as the Third Eye because it is also to do with our ‘second sight’, our intuitive perceptions and ‘knowings’.

In her book Anatomy of the Spirit, Caroline Myss notes that the sacred truth of this chakra is ‘Seek only the truth’, as it compels us to search continually for the difference between truth and illusion.

I have found in my practice that people who are working on awakening spiritually often need this chakra re-energising / balancing. Occasionally other corrections are indicated to balance the chakra, such as crystals, essences, or some new awareness about a present situation.

In the West we spend a lot of time intellectualising.  We spend a lot of time in our heads, rationalising, working things out and generally thinking too much. The importance of the mind is prominent.

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This means that our energy is working really hard in the area of the Brow chakra. Over working or over thinking can lead to headaches, confusion and tiredness.We can become mentally over-stretched and therefore stressed.

In Eastern traditions people are more aware of practices that balance the mind, body and energy system. All are given equal importance, which is far more holistic.

Tips to help your Brow chakra stay calm and balanced

Practicing mindfulness as a walking meditation. This simply means bringing your attention into the moment, whatever you are doing. So if you are on a walk, look at everything around you and really appreciate the sights and sounds.

Single activities sooth the mind, rather than multi-tasking (something we prize in the West think as a recognised skill, as I remember from my office work days) which does the opposite. Reading a book, gardening or engaging in some crafting or creative activity are good examples of single activities.

Stopping and just being still. Simply sitting and closing your eyes for 10 minutes will give your mind a rest and help re-charge your energy. The accumulative effect of doing this regularly will be even more beneficial.

Following and trusting your intuition – your hunches, when you just ‘know’ something, even if you are not sure how.

Stop worrying. Whatever it is – life is too short. Do what you can, forget the rest.

Reiki healing can gently balance and re-charge any of the chakras and kinesiology feed-back can pin-point which ones are out of balance for you.

I hope you will try a few of these if your mind gets overloaded this week.

To enquire about a full session of Chakra Balancing in Bristol or on-line, you can contact me easily through my Appointments page.

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