5 Reasons To Try Integrated Healing

One ~ Emotional Equilibrium

Safely release negative emotions with Integrated Healing

Experience increased feelings of calm, well-being and happiness

Learn to manage your emotions well

Two ~ Pin Point Energetic Blocks

Access whole energetic hologram including chakras, meridians, dantians and more

Feedback from gentle muscle-monitoring indicates imbalances

Safely release energetic attachments, ties, and other energy ‘gunk’ that’s not serving you

Align your energy with what you want / your life purpose

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Three ~ Transform Unhelpful Beliefs

Awareness of what needs to change and how

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping on meridians to transform old beliefs and behaviours

Energy healing (Reiki) to clear old energy patterns from the body and aura

Gently release emotional stress from the past, present or even the future (eg apprehension about future events)

Four ~ Self Discovery and Empowerment

Sessions allow for self awareness and realisations, helping you get clarity

Self help techniques to use in between sessions and beyond

Make conscious choices about yourself and your life, rather than following old ‘programming’ and energy patterns

Align your energy with what you want and be the best version of yourself, with love and acceptance

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Five ~ Sensitive People & Empaths

Experience being more centred in your body

Learn techniques to be centred and calm with different people and situations

Embrace your sensitivity and begin using your intuition as a loving guide

Energetic protection ~ staying in your own energy rather than being knocked off balance

Sensitive people sense energy and are brilliant at managing it, once they know how

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or more about how sensitivity can become your super power.